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Pinckney Palm: Three Tips To Increase Your Engagement On Social Media

Earlier this year we worked with Erin to create a custom site for her social media boutique business - Pinckney Palm. We've invited Erin to share some of her social media knowledge with our community on our blog today. And since Instagram is THE social media nowadays, learning how to boost your engagement and followers on Instagram can make wonder for your photography business. Shall we?

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Dear Me: Kristi Blankenship

Continuing our Dear Me: A Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self series, is the quirky - sweet Kristi Blankenship, the main shooter behind the amazing work of Made to be Mine. Kristi and her partner in crime Nathan, urge you to delete that pin board you poses and trust them to create and capture you in the moment as you are - head over heels in love and real human beings. Keep on reading this raw, honest and real piece of advice from Kristi to her teenage self.

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Dear Me: Taylor Olivia

What would you say to yourself if you came face-to-face with the 16-year-old you? What would you tell the fresh-faced you, about to plunge onto a path in one of the most inspiring and challenging careers? We are sure many of you would have lots to discuss. With all of the dubiety and thoughts in mind, we begin our blog series Dear Me: A Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self. Creatives which are our beautiful clients around the globe, will share their personal written letters. Whether their letter is jolly or poignant, they will look back on their younger selves with compassion, remembering how sensitive and beautiful the age of 16 is. And talk, advice, encourage and comfort their younger selves.

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Nicole Mason: Finding Your Style in Photography

Nicole describes herself as an artist - from the inside-out. Creativity and ideas are what keep her up at night, and what wake her in the morning. So many assume that a lot of photographers must be extroverted, but Nicole Mason is a true introvert at heart. And this is one of the many things, which we believe, allow her to capture the most honest split-seconds of human interactions and make her photography so unique, candid and emotional. There is an unwritten trademark on each of her photographs and a recognizable photography style.

We are proud to state that Nicole is also a possessor of a rockstar website, built with our sister brand - Flothemes.

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Cassandra Casley: The Story Behind The Shot

Meet Cassandra Casley - the creative mind behind the Twist & Shutter’s beautiful work. Our beautiful Canadian friend mostly enjoys shooting outdoors - by the forest, sea, mountains and beaches. She is a big coffee lover, a bookworm and mother to the cutest boy, which she loves to capture in his daily life. As we know - a picture is worth a thousand words, and Cassandra is a true ambassador of that. She shoots everything with joy and brings the love and emotions in all of her shots. Keep on reading to discover the lovely stories behind her photos and what keeps her motivational drive spinning.

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Marcos Sanchez: Honesty & Real Emotions in Photography

Meet Marcos Sanchez, a big guy with a distinguishably well - groomed beard, colorful tattoos, and with an outstanding wedding photography style. His clients describe him not as a simple photographer at their event, but as a guest with a camera. He’s very discreet and careful in his actions, almost like a ninja. Since “honesty” is the highest form of intimacy, Marcos has developed a strategy to flawlessly depict that in his photographs. He is a big advocate of capturing raw, real emotions. Keep reading to find out how he has mastered the spontaneous shots, what inspires him and other bits and bobs that are hiding within his positive and goofy personality.

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