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Customizable Design Kits for Squarespace sites and Squarespace templates. Suitable for Creative businesses, Photography, Videography, Event planners, Florals, Design Studios etc. Each design kit comes with graphic elements, CSS codes, and step-by-step video tutorials.

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Our designs for Squarespace sites are a great solution if you want a custom looking site for a price of a template.
The designs are easy to implement inside your Squarespace account by following our video tutorials and documentation articles.
Besides getting a professionally looking website for your creative business, you also have our amazing team to help you out along the way and answer any Squarespace related questions.


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Join thousands of creatives who have already updated their site with Squaremuse and start enjoying the benefits of a custom looking site now.

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Shop stylekit


Shop stylekit

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No more generic Squarespace look

A custom looking site for a price of template

Do you want to elevate your Squarespace site? Are you confused where to start when building your site with Squarespace? Not sure how to personalize the Squarespace template?

Sounds familiar? Then our design kits are for you. With step by step video tutorials, you can easily achieve a custom looking site in just a few days.


Time Saver

Let us help you

Do you want to update your site, but feel overwhelmed while running a business, being a parent and serving your clients? Not quite confident in your Squarespace knowledge, and would like to have a professional team take care of your site for you?

Purchase the Full Setup package and get a new site in less than 5 business days.


Go Custom

Invest and Grow your Business

Your business is growing and you are not sure how to scale your website to best communicate what you have to offer to your customers and clients. You need a tailored approach to develop an online presence that meets your business & life objectives.
Through our custom packages we will define your business objectives, position your branding and create a scalable platform that will serve your fast growing business in a professional and unique way.






I think my expectations for my updated design would be to attract a more edgy client. Keep everything professional looking but not overly clean. I really want to bring out the rawness of my photography by adding some illustration elements. It’s been a huge process to get this new site done and I honestly am so grateful for everything you guys have done. You’re on another level 🤘🏼





Working with the Polina and the team at Squaremuse was an absolute dream. All the hard work behind the scenes was done for me and Polina sends you video tutorials to help guide you through everything on your new site. They never once questioned when i wanted to change something and were helpful every step of the way. The fast response rate and follow ups are enormously helpful also. I couldn’t be happier with my new website and have had only positive feedback. Highly recommend working with the Squaremuse team if you want something different from the rest but want to keep your Squarespace site.





The Team did an incredible job on my website, they were professional and reliable group of experts. It s been a pleasure to work with them. They had plenty of ideas to improve and create my beautiful website. I really wanted something something different, from content to presentation. Something I can relate entirely, not only the team embrace the challenge but they even pass all my expectations. Polina, Max and of course Ross, I would like to thank you for taking your time and patience to provide with me the best work ever. You did an great job : I will absolutely recommend to everyone your services.



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