Personalize Your Site

We understand how important it is to customize your website and create something truly unique to yourself and to your brand voice. We also acknowledge the value of visuals to accentuate a characteristic, highlight a feature and portray a vision. That's why we are so excited to launch the Illustrations and Icons Pack  - a freebie you get whenever you purchase any of the design kits. 

Personalize Your Site

The pack includes 3 types of illustrations/icons: Botanical, Geometrical and Realness. 

Botanical illustrations, inspired by our Sicilia and Chalk design kits, include a series of floral elements that can be used as text and section dividers, as well as graphics when combined with text or images. 

Geometrical icons, inspired by Black Onyx and D'avella, are great for accentuating your brand communication through minimalistic elements. The elements are vector so you can easily scale them in proportion if you require to use it as a larger element in a graphic.  


Realness icons, inspired by our PNW clients, include a number of illustrations for those who are in love with nature and want to translate that adventurous spirit into their brand communication. 

All of the illustrations and icons can be used across various design kits and can be easily incorporated in site sections.

To download the illustrations head on to your design kit's documentation and find the links to the source files under the Illustrations Pack article. For everyone who bought their design kit starting with 15th January 2018, the Illustrations Pack are included in the download files. 

We hope you enjoy using these icons and illustrations as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!


Creatively Yours,

Squaremuse Team!