Get the Site your Brand Deserves

Couple of weeks ago we have covered why it's important to keep your site updated and fresh. But how do you update your site, so it's not just professional looking and up-to-date, but also represents your creative voice and your business? That's really the question. 


Get the Site your Brand Deserves

Your site is not only your images,
same way as your branding is not only your logo.

Images are viewed within layouts and contextualized by words and sentences, that you use on your site. Your client's interaction with your branding may have its starting point on your site, where your logo is usually displayed forefront. Often, however, your potential client may come via social media, a newsletter or directly through an email.  How does your brand identity translate into elements that are not your logo? 

Colors, illustrations/patterns, and typography are important pillars of your brand identity, as they support your logo and carry across your brand values. Among the above though, typography plays a special role, as words are everywhere. Typography can alienate and attract, it can differentiate you or misrepresent you, or it can consolidate your brand identity and elevate your images and online presence. It's not a hit and miss, but rather a well researched and intentional selection and combination of fonts. This is why our design kits are typography centric.

Our clients' imagery is breathtaking, and it should be supported by typography that is elegant, modern, bold and professional. But sometimes fine tuning your online brand presence requires more than just a customizable design kit with good fonts. In the last year we have helped a number of clients to consolidate their brand identity and polish their brand positioning through our Custom Packages


Define. Explore. Create.

It's been less than a year since we have launched our custom packages and we have already managed to work with a number of creative brands and talented individuals. 
Some of the reasons people approach us for custom design are the following:
- to attract a different type of client
- to define better their brand and position
- to better represent their style/image
- to achieve a seamless brand experience across all aspects of their business
- to create a more unique site, which better represents their personality

Our Custom packages follow a well defined process that helps not only our team, but also helps our clients to verbalize and explore their Whos? Whats? and Whys?. Most importantly our process allows us to confidently go from ideation to creation and implementation:

Step 1 - Questionnaire
We start with a list of questions first, that helps us to create a better understanding of your clients, business growth goals, brand expectations and brand voice. 

Step 2 - Style Kit
With the provided information, we work to elevate your existing logo by curating typography and color systems that visualize and extend your brand identity.   

Step 3 - Custom Page Design
We take the approved style kit and start creating pages tailored to your content and services, taking in consideration your brand positioning and your clients' interaction with your site. 

Step 4 - Design Implementation
Once the custom designs are approved, depending on your package we discuss the layouts for the rest of your pages and start implementing everything in your Squarespace account. While your current site is still live, we work on your brand new look. 

Step 5 - Population and Site Launch
With the site preview ready, we direct you how to populate your new site, review feedback and polish your new site till it's exactly as you envisioned. We follow through until your site is launched, and cover any questions that might appear post-launch. 

In the next weeks we will be sharing with you case studies with custom projects through our custom package 1 and custom package 2, as well as our full custom projects. We will go over the initial objectives, the process and the main steps. We will also include our clients' experience through the project and the final results.

For more details about Custom Packages you can read here. For questions about our packages or if you'd like to discuss about a fully custom site, you can email us directly at

Let's Create Something Together,
Squaremuse Team.