Why and when go for a custom site design?

The importance of a good website design nowadays is no news. A strong website communicates a brand’s vision, segments the market and targets a specific niche, or as we call it - Positioning. A good website design should be readable, useful, coherent, innovative, user friendly and aesthetically pleasant for your customers. It should be conceived so that it attracts and maintains your target audience on the site in order to convert them into your customers.

 Why and when go for a custom site design?

The Basic Elements

At Squaremuse we mostly focus on visually oriented creatives and, respectively, in image heavy sites. Some of the most important pillars we use for a good online identity are typography, colors, illustrations or graphic elements, and patterns. A combination of these elements allow us to support your branding and imagery, and give your brand voice a visual representation & platform which is your website.


Let’s Dive Into Typography

Among the above though, typography plays a special role, as words are everywhere. Typography can alienate and attract, it can differentiate you or misrepresent you, or it can consolidate your brand identity and elevate your images and online presence. It's not a hit and miss, but rather a well researched and intentional selection and combination of fonts. This is why our design kits are typography centric.

But sometimes fine tuning your online brand presence requires more than just a customizable design kit with good fonts. Once your business starts growing and expanding, your site should reflect it as well. Most of the time this requires a custom tailored approach, since not all businesses are the same, same as not all audiences react to the same visual and wording cues.

If you’re reading this blogpost, you’re most probably already considering a custom design for your website. Find out below more details about custom sites such as who should consider investing in a custom website, why people hire us, and where to get started if you are considering a custom site for yourself. 

Why photographers and creatives seek custom design for their website?

  • Their photography business is successful, but their website does not reflect their brand, position and vision, thus it weakens the power of their brand and decreases their credibility.

  • They want to target their perfect clients, and send a clear message to their audience through their website. Filtering out the type of client they don’t want to work with is also an important aspect.

  • They know they have to stand out of the crowd, be unique and create a pleasant and unconventional client experience. They want their users’ online experience to mirror as much as possible the in person experience.

  • They feel like their online does not represent fully their personality and hence their brand, and they want to bring that out on the forefront of their web.

Check some of the recently launched custom websites below:

Who should consider a custom Squaremuse design?

  • Any videographers, photographers, creatives or visual oriented businesses, who want to highlight their brand through an exclusive site.

  • Creative entrepreneurs who want to boost their business, by changing their prices, refine their client list and providing a consistent website that sends the right message. 

  • People who like to hire qualified professionals for important tasks they’re not very familiar with, like design and development of their website. They choose Squaremuse because they don’t have time, experience and/or expertise to create and conceptualize a really good Squarespace website.

See what some of our custom clients say:


“It takes a lot to impress us and
this company truly blew us away.”

They went above and beyond, even updating the smallest details of our current branding (which we didn’t even ask them to do!). They simply said they thought these “updates” would enhance the overall high-end feel of the site. They couldn’t have been more right.

Draft after draft, review after review, the Squaremuse team continued to surpass all expectations and completely met our (somewhat unrealistic) launch date (15 days from start to finish). I thought for sure we would run into a problem being on Squarespace, that surely something we wanted to animate or a design we wanted to incorporate would be an issue—but every single time Polina, Max and the Squaremuse team would create magic.

We would submit our changes, upload our mock ups late into the night and by the time morning came, we realized the team already applied, created and uploaded the new changes/designs for our review once again. This went on day after day, consistently for two weeks. Fast forward, we launched on the exact date we needed to and we could not be more in love with our site and the feeling it exudes. We have already recommended this company to so many of our friends here in New York City, whether they’re photographers or entrepreneurs in general.

It takes a lot to impress us and this company truly blew us away. Thank you Polina, Max and the entire Squaremuse team for giving us one of the most important pieces of our business—our first impression. We can not thank you enough!

Gina & Sheena at Anée Atelier


Going for a custom website design is a truly commitment for you as a creative, as it implies a bigger investment, more time spent on conceptualizing it and more care before you get that perfect site look. One can’t deny the plentitude of benefits it can bring you though: from attracting that perfect client to justifying increase in pricing, and hence smarter resource management. Therefore, if you are considering a custom site and want answers to your questions (i.e. if it’s a good time for you to get a custom site, the process, timeframes etc.), go ahead and schedule a free consultation call with us, we’ll be more than happy to assist you!