Custom Website Design: Packages and Steps

Do you want to show the world your talent through a website tailored to your imagery? Do you feel like generic Squarespace layouts and features fail to represent your growing business? Would you like to differentiate your online presence and have more competitive advantage in the photography industry? Do you feel like you are doing great in your photography business, but would like to filter your clientele and get more meaningful photoshoots?

Custom Website Design: Packages and Steps

If you answered positive to any of these questions, then it’s time to inform yourself about custom website design options. In this article you will learn about the steps you’ll go through during a site custom redesign. From choosing the best fitting package, to launching your site. Read more to find out what is the process working on a custom site with Squaremuse team.

Choose the best service package

We start with choosing a package that will work the best for your new site. Based on our clientele’s needs, and our experience we’ve created 2 different custom packages and services. To find out more which one fits your brand best, see below what the packages include: 

Custom Package I:

  • 4 Custom Pages

  • Style Kit Update

  • Content Migration

  • Site Developement

  • 2 Skype sessions

  • One on one Email Communication with a dedicated Manager

Custom Package II:

  • 4 Custom Pages + Shop pages

  • Style Kit Update

  • Content Migration

  • Site Developement

  • 3 Skype sessions

  • One on one Email Communication with a dedicated Manager

*If your project is unique and requires a custom estimate, fill out the form here.

The Design Process

Our Custom packages follow a well defined process that helps you verbalize and explore your Whos? Whats? and Whys?. Most importantly our process allows us to confidently go from ideation to creation and implementation:

Step 1 - Questionnaire

We start with a list of questions first, that help us create a better understanding of your clients, business growth goals, brand expectations and brand voice. Questions that you’d need to answer have emotional value, as well as specific business value:

List what you don’t like about current site and the reasons why.
Where do you believe you are the strongest in your business?
What do your clients care about in general?
What are the adjectives you would like people to associate with your business?

Step 2 - Style Kit

With the provided information, we work to elevate your existing logo by curating typography and color systems through exploration and extension of your brand identity.   Here is great examples of the Style kit we’ve created for the amazing ladies at Anée Atelier with just one logo provided and questions answered from Step 1:


Step 3 - Custom Page Design

Approving the style kit is an important step, as this is our visual guideline of the overall feel and aesthetic of your future site. Once the style kit is approved, our creative team starts designing pages tailored to your content and services. We consider your content priorities, brand voice and message that you want to carry across. During design process, we make sure these are in line with your brand positioning and that it fully supports how you envision your clients’ interaction with your site.

Step 4 - Design Implementation

When all pages are designed, we overview the mockups and move to implementation inside your Squarespace account. Our development team builds out your new site, while your current site is live, so there’s no down time for your users or your business. Once we have a preview ready inside your Squarespace account, we go over two rounds of feedback to ensure the live site looks and works as it should.

Step 5 - Population and Site Launch

We provide you with a video tutorial so you can start populating your new site and preparing it for launch, while we review feedback and polish your new site. When you are happy with your new site functionality and look across devices, we schedule a launch date. After we launch the site we cover any questions/issues you might have post-launch.

Here are some examples of most recently launched Custom websites:

Step 6 - Enjoying the applauses

This is the period when you realize that all your investments are being paid off. It’s time to proudly offer customers your business card, and gently thank all the compliments referring to your mesmerizing new website.

Here’s how pleased are our clients after they’ve launched their new site:


Bek Smith

"I couldn't be happier with my new website and have had only positive feedback. Highly recommend working with the Squaremuse team if you want something different from the rest but want to keep your Squarespace site."

Eric Penoy

"You took a very special care of my request as all the rest of the team. In the end, everything worked out, and I adore my new website. You did a great job: I will absolutely recommend to everyone your services." 


If you are considering a custom site and want to discuss further in detail our process and deliverables (i.e. if it’s a good time for you to get a custom site, the process, timeframes etc.), send us a message and we’ll offer you a free consultation call with us. We are always happy to help you find the best solution for your business!

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