Why use Squaremuse instead of generic Squarespace Themes?

Creating an appealing Squarespace website for your creative business can be a long, complex and experimental process. While there are a lot of available templates you can use for your Squarespace Sites, as well as freelancers and design agencies, in this article we will present you 7 reasons why Squaremuse is the best option out there for your Squarespace site. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits a Design Kit will give you. 

Why use Squaremuse instead of generic Squarespace Themes?

What is a Squaremuse DIY Design Kit?

First of all, what is Squaremuse? Well, Squaremuse offers Premium Design Kits for creatives who use Squarespace as their website platform. These fully customizable layouts can be used by photographers, videographers, bloggers and other creative businesses.  Each Design Kit is focused on presenting your portfolio and visual content in a trendy and unique way, and offer your potential clients a memorable user experience.


Each design kit can be easily implemented and adapted by any creative on their Squarespace site. They’re based on existing Squarespace templates, and include selected font combinations, icons, layout stylisations, and other decorative elements that form a strong online identity and help you stand out from the crowd. Each kit can be fully customized and adapted for different needs, they include graphic files, video tutorials, CSS codes, a detailed guide on how to implement it as well as additional exciting freebies.

Who can use Squaremuse Design Kits?

All design kits are extremely flexible, and with a bit of imagination can be tailored to different industries. We mainly focus on creating outstanding portfolio websites for photographers, videographers, lifestyle bloggers, and visually oriented businesses. Do you consider your business visual and creative? Then Our Design Kits are for you! 

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So why use Squaremuse Design Kits?

1. Squarespace themes are too generic

One huge advantage that makes the Squarespace a platform preferred by many creatives, are its pro looking templates. Squarespace has around 40 minimalistic templates that focus mostly on visuals, meaning once you change the images, the template will look completely different. These themes are a great support when you’re trying to design a trendy and good looking website. 

However, every time you choose a certain theme on Squarespace, you have to build everything from scratch by dragging & dropping the elements you want to have on your page (i.e. carousel, image gallery, text). For a strong identity, you need to choose all the design elements that will emphasize your imagery: font combos (H1, H2, H3, Quote, Normal); font size; page layouts that include header, footer style, menu; image size; image layouts; buttons; gallery layouts, etc. Therefore if you want to have a unique, professional website, and a good user experience, you’ll really have to spend a lot of time researching and understanding what works best for you. Luckily, with Squaremuse all the designs are already developed, ready to be applied on your account. 


2. We know how to make your website sell

We are a team of professional designers, developers and marketers with over 10 years experience in the creative industry, we proudly state that we design professional website focused on images, using the Squarespace platform. Each style is focused on different image types, meaning that you can choose between styles designed for modern, elegant, classic or editorial imagery. When you buy our design kits, not do you buy a selection of fonts and layouts, but a consequence of blocks you can use and customise in order to form a consistent website that promotes your brand and sells your work.


3. Get a Custom looking website, tailored to your brand at the price of a Design Kit

It’s a ready made website style which you can implement yourself. Why spend time on finding a designer that knows how Squarespace works, then pay a fortune for having your site designed when it’s much faster, easier and cheaper to use a Design Kit? You can easily implement and adapt it to your needs within 5 days. Additionally, we dedicate to help you learn all the platform’s tricks, and you can learn how to effectively use them while following the implementation process. 

4. One time fee

There is no subscription and annual fees. It’s a digital product. You buy it once, and it’s yours forever, including all free future updates. 

5. Freebies

Once you purchase any Design Kit, you get Free Illustration packages, which you can use to enhance your online presentation. We also constantly surprise our users with free guides, stunning Instagram Stories templates, and many other goodies that help their brand improve and stand out.

6. Free Support & Online Community

If you have any technical questions on implementing your Design Kit, our team is always here, at a distance of an email ready to help. Our Facebook community, offers you a great opportunity to interact with other creatives like you, ask for feedback, share experience, and get a free video review of your site.

7. Full Setup

We offer setup help for those who purchased a Design Kit, but realized they don’t have enough time to implement it. It’s called a Full Setup, and the process is simple: somebody from our team sets up your design kit for you, including your copy and visuals, in only 5 business days. 

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Wrapping it up:

Squaremuse Design Kits are the tools you need to use to achieve a stunning and appealing online identity on Squarespace. Each template is created specially for your creative business, it is made to help you impress your clients, and stand out of the crowd. A Design Kits is a small investment, that will pay you back exponentially. Our Designs are made to create the trend, and help you attract the types of clients you want to work with.  

Interested in getting a Design Kit with Squaremuse? Check out our Black Friday deals that will kick in next week.

Creatively yours,
Squaremuse Team