Should you revamp your site during busy season?

Yes. That would be the short and right answer.

Why? Keep on reading.


Should you revamp your site during busy season?


Price Change.

You’ve been in the business for quite some time and are thinking about a price change, namely an increase for your services. Fortunately, by revamping and upgrading your web you are able to alternate various fees and prices. You don’t want to fall in the gap where your prices increased but your website is outdated. A fresh revamped website will support your value and professional growth with something your potential clients can actually seize.

Early Bookings.

People notice new site launches. There is a high possibility for you to be remarked by fresh potential clients. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to know beforehand where the next wedding season will be taking you? Not only for the excitement of the travelings but also of the logistics coming with it. Traveling requires lots of documents, equipment, preparation and for some destinations, vaccination even. Also, having on hand the next year’s booking information, will make it easier planning important dates and events with your family and loved ones. 

Be the First.

Revamping during the busy-season is not only a way to get noticed by clients but also by industry peers, especially when the rest of photographers are themselves busy with their season and waiting for the low season to revamp. By launching earlier you provide inspiration and lead the updates for many photographers that want to change up their web but haven’t started yet. You receive positive feedback, attention and exposure which brings in additional leads. Again, if you launch your new website along with the majority in your industry the “fuss” around yours will definitely not be the one you’d want and expect.


You are a creative, and no creative soul enjoys being stuck. Even if it doesn’t seem so, you and your work style change constantly. Ask yourself - does my current website represent the current me, is it the best frame to showcase my work? Does my site represent the imagery I want to be doing half a year or a year from now? Your growth, transformation and accomplishments as a creative, should definitely be translated onto your online presence.  Especially around the time when most people get engaged and start looking for their next year’s wedding photographer.

Constant Postponement.

You know for the longest time that you want and need a website revamp. You even know the smallest details you would change. But life happens and you get super busy creating. And here it goes, the 1st, 10th, 100th time of your “I will do it next season”, “I don’t have the time”, “It’s not one of the priorities” and so on. Scratch that, because you need to and the time is now.

What's Next...

Got excited, but your weekends are still busy shooting and weekdays full of editing?

That's why with Squaremuse we offer a Full Setup service, which means while you are busy doing what you do best, our team sets up the design kit for you. It sounds impossible, but it’s true: you can get a beautiful new site in less than 5 days ready to show it off to the world. Full implementation of your chosen design kit, plus whole content migration.  

Now that you know all the benefits of launching your fresh website during the busy-season you just need to decide and make the next move towards a better online presence. Have questions? Email us at

Your time is valuable, but your growth is priceless!


Squaremuse Team