The ultimate guide on SEO Landing Pages on Squarespace

SEO Landing pages are a great tool for targeting your niche based on different locations and services you offer. In this article we explore the way they work and what is an easy strategy to implement and use them for your business today. Keep on reading to find out more!

The ultimate guide on SEO Landing Pages on Squarespace

What is an SEO Landing Page?

Search Engine Optimization landing pages serve as a bridge between users searching in any browsers and your site. They are created mostly to rank for a higher “row” in the search engine results while targeting specific long-tail keywords or geographical locations.

To clarify that, let’s compare a blogpost with a landing page. You usually use a blogpost to make people access your site, offer them relevant content, and keep the flow on your site going. Most probably blogposts won’t sell directly. They’ll rather convert visitors to your subscribers and then, after being warm enough, prepare them for sales. In contrast to that, an SEO landing page will be focused exclusively in linking users who search a long tail keyword (i.e. book Wedding Photographer Paris) to your services, like a backdoor to your site.

It’s main focus is to get people to your site, and convert them to sales, but you can also get quite creative with it, as it can be used for a range of purposes, starting with ranking for keywords, locations, and converting to sales. Bellow, you'll see an example of a landing pages Lukas Piatek has on his website (and he has a high rating btw.)

lukaspiatek-wedding-photographer-munich .png


How to create an SEO Landing Page?

1. Make it SEO-friendly

Squarespace has a bunch of opportunities when it comes to SEO. We recommend you to take advantage of all of them and optimize your landing pages as much as possible. Making your page SEO friendly includes using targeted keywords, improving the site’s loading speed, introducing Geo-Location data in the page, having a mobile friendly site etc. Nonetheless, in this article we’ll not cover the whole process since we’d documented that more detailed in our previous articles. So in case you are not familiar with SEO optimization process yet, feel free to access the resource links at the end of this article and learn more.

2. Focus on 2 things: 

- Make it rank for Local SEO, or the keywords connected to your niche.
- Make it convert into sales, subscriptions or everything you find relevant. 

3. Use buttons and links to redirect visitors to products, and pages

For instance if your landing page has the title Photography Paris, then you could include buttons linked to your “Portraits” page, to your “Couple session”, “Elopement” page or directly to a gallery or blogpost that covers a shoot you did in Paris.

4. Make sure the page looks as simple as possible

We do not recommend adding details that distract the viewer. Offer only the option you want your viewers to focus on without diluting it with other offers. This will make it easier for you to analyze the effectiveness of your page. If you feel the need to add longer text on the page, we recommend you to position it under the general description and button: 500 to 700 words. As an alternative, you can add a “Learn More” button that provides more information. 

5. Be sure your page looks trustworthy

In the process of creating and deciding what elements you will include in your landing page, think of it as it is visited by a person who has never ever heard of your brand. You don’t want them think your site is a scam. To ensure that, add social proof elements, i.e. client testimonials, brands you’ve worked with, your Instagram or Facebook account. This will help your visitors consider you as a potential service provider.  

6. Test and remake your pages

Spoiler alert! We do not have any SEO Landing page experts in our office. You don't need one either, what you need is to invest a part of your time in researching, implementing, analyzing the results. As you've finished the first part, remove what didn't work, multiply what worked well and start the flow one more time. 


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