The Rural Workshop 2018

Our month started with a trip to The Rural Workshop, where our founder Ross Tanner was one of the speakers. We were really excited to be at the workshop and to finally meet the team behind The Rural, who we've worked with last year on their amazingly crazy custom site. Above all, we were happy to connect with so many talented photographers, a lot of which are Squaremuse and Flothemes clients. 

The Rural Workshop 2018

We arrived to Barcelona late in the evening, rented a car and within the hour we were in Santa Susanna (50km from Barcelona), ready to experience what The Rural has to offer. This year the agenda included talks and workshops with Fer Juaristi, Julia&Gil, Alejandro Gomez, Rafal Bojar, and many more inspiring individuals from the industry, including Ross's talk and workshop on business, branding and pricing.

The Rural is truly an extraordinary workshop, dynamic and colorful, where people connect over morning pilates, bonfire talks, and a passion for their craft. Everything at the workshop communicates its craving for embracing freedom, imperfections, passion and creative drive.


Thank you Roberto Ramos Hidalgo & Cristina Ruiz for your hospitality and energy! Thank you Hansel from HS Love Stories for Spanish practice, thank you Björn for your friendship, and thanks to everyone else who connected with us during our stay. We hope to meet you again soon. If you are considering to attend The Rural Workshop next year, check out the video below to get a glimpse of the experience and read our interview with the team here. The most amazing part is that by participating at the workshop you are contributing to the team's social project in developing countries. Truly, an experience with an impact!


PS: Of course, we couldn't leave Barcelona without catching-up with our dear friend and client Marcos Sanchez, who invited us for a meal and walk with his lovely family. Marcos, thank you for showing us your city!

Creatively Yours,

Squaremuse Team