What are you most afraid of as a photographer?

When we are little, we are scared of the dark and monsters under the bed. As we grow older fears don’t disappears, they change. On this year’s Halloween we’ve asked some experienced photographers, who are also Squaremuse users, what are their fears as creatives. Keep reading to see what they answered, as there is a high possibility that you will find something in common with them.

What are you most afraid of as a photographer?
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Joel Alston

“The exponential growth of the photography industry scares me in terms of the longevity of a full time career. I’m fearful that with so many photographers, the price of our services will drop for competitive reasons which could result in needing a lot more work to make it a full time career. This means less time for family, friends and life.”

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Asha Bailey

“I think something I'm most afraid of as a photographer is getting to my shoot and realizing I left my camera at home.“

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Bek Smith

“As a photographer, I’m most afraid of no longer being relevant in the wedding industry and losing my creative flair. On a lighter note, I often have nightmares about forgetting my clothes or worse still, my camera on the day (which by the way has never happened). “

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Erika Greene

“I’m most afraid of falling into a lake or down a mountain and taking my gear down with me haha. I’m super clumsy!”

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Greg Petersen

“Honestly, there’s a few things that freak me out almost every wedding day. On my way to the wedding I almost always have the “crap did I forget my camera?” moment. And then when I’m about 30min from the venue I have another moment of “man, did I get the right address?”. I think I’m most afraid of not being prepared enough. So hopefully that makes me over prepare. Haha.”

Jasmin Jade

“I’m afraid of failing my art. Not producing what I have envisioned, and failing this job all together.”

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Fear is a natural feeling that all human beings encounter. Whether they tackle it, fight it or embrace it, it’s a matter of emotional strength and self-awareness on how one deals with it. At the end of the day, it’s easier to overcome any type of difficulties when you know you’re not alone.

We would like to thank all the great photographers that agreed to open up and share their fears. And we’d like to remind you that there’s strength in vulnerability and in embracing fears, as weird as it might sound.

Happy Halloween,

Squaremuse Team