8 Ways to Grow Your Newsletter Subscription

If you are running a business you probably already know that email is one of the most important pillars for the success of your online marketing. A newsletter should always accompany every of your campaigns, promotions and updates – so your business reaches more interested peeps.

The increase of the size and quality of the mailing list is considered to be a top priority nowadays. No matter what methods you use to expand your base, make sure that your approach is focused on the client. The main purpose of the mailing list should be a positive interaction from the beginning until the registration lists, as well as after that.

8 Ways to Grow Your Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter subscriptions are a great way to build an audience and a community around your brand. An opt-in box in your sidebar with the conventional and low-value “Click here to receive our newsletter”, “Join our list” or “Enter your email here and you will receive our weekly updates” are not making the cut anymore.  As you already might have noticed, everybody loves a personal approach. Creating encouragements that are more alluring and carry more worth in them is key. They need to be sharp but at the same time not insistent.  

The following guidelines will help you grow your subscriber base, as it covers main aspects to keep in mind in order to stay relevant and valuable to your subscribers.

1.  Insert an exit-intent pop-up form to your website. 

Even if you have a sign-in form placed at the bottom of every blog post or page, there are always going to be people that just do not complete those forms or do not scroll all the way down. Go for the tool that allows the signing-in form to pop-up when the user is about to exit. With the right message this type of sign-in form can tremendously increase your website subscribers. 

2.  Increase, increase, and again increase your added value!

What is your value proposition to potential subscribers? What can you offer that will make your newsletter blasts valuable? Are you passionate about education? Do you run regular giveaways? Are you enthusiastic to share a curated list of music you listen to while editing, or books that have impacted your business? However you decide to do that – just do it, and do it regularly. Free trials, discounts, eBooks, educational resources etc. - and make the signing up a prerequisite for getting all of that goodness. 

3.  Link your newsletter to all of your social media accounts.

Cross promoting your platforms is essential to grow your brand exposure on every available medium. Showcase that there is something to gain if subscribing – your followers might be more interested than you might think. You just need to communicate the benefits.

4.  Be relatable. Everybody wants connection- people connect with people.

Your messages must be real, genuine and responsive. Sharing challenges, fears and vulnerable moments of your personal and professional growth creates a relatable and humane backbone to your brand voice. This in turn allows to build a strong rapport with your community through the content you create. 

5.  Showcase your clients and partner brands.

Reference some of your leading clients in your newsletter. Don't forget about brands and vendors with whom you collaborate. Share this on your social media platforms. Some of those clients and brands will then give you a shootout to their followers. This builds a stronger credibility and trust towards your business, which means more engagement and interest to your work. 

6.  Experiment.

Periodically change the location of the subscription form on the website and see which option brings more results. You can also experiment with your messaging and see what voice works best with your audience. 

7.  Be concise and clear.

Make a limited number of compulsory fields in the subscription form – this way there are more chances that people will actually subscribe – ain’t nobody got time for that! :)

8.  Anti-spam policy.

Be sure your potential subscribers understand that you will only share relevant, useful and interesting information with them. Also, be sure to mention that their personal info is highly protected and enclosed.

Squarespace Tip.

As from now you can create your own pop-ups on your Squarespace website, without the need to sign up/download other third party apps or insert code. The feature has various styles to choose from, you can customize it as your creative mind wishes. Timing, size, position - all adjustable. Here is an extensive guide for you to follow on how you can implement, customize and use this awesome new feature. 

Et voilà! Are your numbers higher already? Of course they are.

Squaremuse Team.