6 signs your Squarespace site needs a rebrand

When was the last time you shared your website address? Do you remember what you felt while doing this? Was it a firm and proud “Here is my website!” business card handover? Or did you say “Sorry if it looks messy…” while running away? Though your best friends and existing clients don’t care about your website and appreciate your creative work unconditionally, hundreds of people (read as “potential customers”) that are landing on your website might exit it in less than 10 seconds just because it doesn’t appear trustworthy or appealing to them. In this blog post we want to encourage you to face it directly - is your site in an urgent need of a revamp, or do you still have 1-2 years before you have to go through the redesigning process? Keep reading to find out!

6 signs your Squarespace site needs a rebrand

Your site feels like deja-vu

We’re not in the early 2000’s anymore. Users have high expectations on how a website should feel and look. Those who still have a generic Squarespace design might be loosing their potential clients, just because their website is not memorable and it doesn’t stand out. Get a website that tailors to your talent. A good website is one of those few important investments that will surely pay off in the long term.

You’ve outgrown your brand

In a growth-oriented market, brands’ dynamic change very fast, a big part of the information that you’ve put on your website half a year ago might be outdated already, not to talk of the content from 2 years ago. And soo arises the necessity updating and refurbishing the site design. Any creative businesses need to be up-to-date to the aesthetic trends of the industry. There are many reasons why your brand might look outgrown i.e. your activity and services as a business shifted, you have a different team or location now, or the most common one is - your photography style has changed and matured over the years and your site doesn’t show that. It is very important that your website reflects what you do, otherwise you may be attracting the wrong type of clients. 

You are considering updating your pricing

Besides the obvious visual benefits, a redesign is an indispensable marketing tool that can be made use of in order to adjust/update your pricing. Looking to change your price packages? Great! You can support the change with a website redesign. 

You’re not attracting the right clientele

Is your site attracting the right type of clients? It is important to position yourself and your brand with your ideal client in mind, otherwise you might be attracting the customers you don’t want. Filter out your gallery, and exclude those images that don’t represent the type of work you want to do. If you’re a photographer who doesn’t want to shoot editorials, then remove all of them from your online portfolio. Your website should serve as a filter for all the people that land on it, and convert to clients the users that you want to work with.


Ok, no need to talk about the huge influence SEO has on your business, because you already know that. But is your website really SEO friendly? And by SEO friendly, we mean do you have an active blog? Is the content on your website up-to-date? Are your landing pages converting well?

You should know that Google likes websites that are readable. Beautiful images with text on them added through Photoshop don’t work anymore, as the text can’t be read by Google bots, hence it doesn’t add up towards your SEO. Having clear H1, H2, H3 and meta description on your website can help. Not less important is the mobile friendliness of your website as this is a criteria that search engines take into account when ranking your site in search results. Each time you update your site, Google indexes your new pages and your ranking gets recalculated. Keep in mind, a well designed website, with useful content on the blog and a pleasant user experience is more likely to be shared and referred to, as it will get more backlinks and better SEO results for your site.

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Visual hierarchy, what’s that?

Visual hierarchy means the order in which a user processes information on a page. The main task a good website should do is to present information to a user coherently. The font combinations, the size of the text, the shape and color of the buttons, as well as your site background choice have a huge influence on the user experience you provide your site visitors with. Ideally, a site that has the right color contrast, typography sizing and alignment will smoothly guide users, help them navigate your site, so they don’t get frustrated while trying to find the “book me” button. 

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