3 Lightroom Presets for Photographers. Part II

For those photographers who are looking for some post-production inspiration and also for those who always want to grow, we've selected 3 Lightroom Presets for Photographers, created by our clients. Also, if you're looking for educational courses about editing, tips and tricks about color & light, you'll find this blogpost helpful. 


3 Lightroom Presets for Photographers. Part II

photo credit: Davis Hilton

Davis Hilton Presets


Davis Hilton's presets are ideal for weddings and portraiture with natural light. 2 packs (Natural Light & Golden Hour) are curated to achieve warm and inviting skin tones, neutral greens, and earthy golden lighting. 


His presets provide a quick and easy way to achieve a consistent quality and style.
Toolkit modifiers include Airy, Dark, Dreamy, Earthy, and Filmy effects that you can add and remove with a single click.

Find Davis's presets here and take a tour through his amazing portfolio and website, built with the Chalk design kit.

Katch Silva Presets


Katch offers 2 Presets packs:

Original pack includes 10 presets, installation guide and editing tips&tricks. These presets have warm shadows, desaturated yellows and greens, slightly blue highlights and a lot of other unique color combinations. 

Editing class & Wedding Preset Pack include Katch's entire editing process, all the presets which she uses for a whole wedding (main presets + 10 specialized versions for drastically different light and tone scenarios). Everything you need to edit a full wedding day or a couple session. 

Both packs, as well as more educational content, can be found on Katch's new educational website, fully custom built by our Squaremuse team.

Levi Tijerina Presets


The Inaugural Collection contains eight original presets developed by Levi Tijerina. These presets span a variety of colors, warmth, and textures in order to bring intentionality to your images. So what makes Levi Tijerina Presets different from other presets? They are designed to be your go-to base layer; for crisp, clean whites; dynamic colors; cinematic context; and simple adjustments. In addition to the presets, you can also purchase a monthly subscription to Levi Tijerina's educational content and videos that talk about how to modify these presets, how to adapt other presets, color grade theory, and tips/hacks for editing.

For more information about Levi's presets - check his website, built with our Miro Design Kit.

If you want more presets recommendations read here our first blogpost with 4 Lightroom Presets for Photographers.

Creatively Yours,
Squaremuse Team