Three Reasons to Choose Squarespace.

In today’s post we want to make your choice easier when considering Squarespace as a platform for your site. Keep in mind that you get to enjoy 40% OFF all designs with our Black Friday Sale! Use the code: Fridaymuse40

Three Reasons to Choose Squarespace.


Every day we make thousands of choices, they might seem insignificant, but they are choices nonetheless. Starting from what pair of shoes to wear, what music playlist to listen to on the way to work, what is the next vacation destination, cappuccino vs latte, classic croissant vs chocolate croissant, etc. Let’s be honest the latter is a tough one.  

In today’s post we want to make your choice easier when considering Squarespace as a platform for your site. We know it's an important choice, which will impact your business’s online presence for years to come, therefore being informed about benefits and limitations is key. 

1. Easy to Setup with no Need for Code Knowledge 

What is great about Squarespace is that you can create a professional site without typing one line of code. Squarespace user interface is intuitive, based on a drag and drop building concept, and it's super easy to use. The margin of learning is low, though you can expect spending a bit of time "playing" with it till you learn your way around its dashboard and all settings options. Additionally, Squarespace provides a whole library of documentation and video tutorials that you can easily follow to setup your site.

2. Customer Support & Dedicated 24/7 Support Team 

Since Squarespace is a closed digital platform, everything is run by a team of developers, that continuously improve the platform and build tools in an integrated and oriented manner. In this regard you have guaranteed security of your data that is safeguarded by Squarespace. It also ensures that everything you use within your Squarespace site is compatible and does not conflict with each other. Added to that, there’s a 24/7 hour available support team that is ready to help with any question you might have. An integrated system with dedicated support team and email replies within 1 hour, you bet to solve any issues you encounter when building your site on Squarespace.

3. Ongoing Maintenance & Planned Expenses

Squarespace is a subscription based service, and depending on the Plan, the yearly expenses amount up to $480. However you will mostly likely need to use the Personal or Business plan, which would range your yearly costs from $144 to $216, unless you require an advance e-commerce set up which then would put your costs at $480 per year. The subscription based service also means that you don’t have to worry about any updates, as all of that is automized by the Squarespace team.

Having fixed costs with Squarespace helps to create a business growth plan and any investment planning, without worrying about ongoing maintenance or technical issues, since that would be covered by the dedicated support services which you are entitled to, once you subscribe with Squarespace.  

To sum up, Squarespace is easy to learn and use, with its plans you can have a clear roadmap of expenses for your site maintenance, and if you do run into issues there’s a dedicated support team to reply to your questions 24/7. If you are not convinced give it a try with their 2 week trial, without any credit card information required, and decide once you’ve took it for a spin.


Squaremuse Team