40 Premium Squarespace blocks to enhance your website + Freebie

We are proud to announce the launch of Custom Elements - premium Squarespace blocks that will enhance any Squarespace site. In this blogpost we will review the elements, requirements to implement theme and our future plans that will include better offerings.
Make sure to read all the way to the bottom to claim a Freebie and get a discount for your purchase.

40 Premium Squarespace blocks to enhance your website + Freebie

*Freebie at the end of the post

Custom Elements are Squarspace blocks designed for creative businesses, photographers, videographers, event planners, bloggers, designers, florists, etc., and as such, for any business that uses Squarespace for their online presence and would like to get more out of available Squarespace blocks in order to enhance their visual presence.

The elements are compatible with all Squarespace templates that allow Index pages (find out here if your Squarespace template is compatible). Exceptions are Back to Top and Call to action buttons.

Each element comes with descriptive videos, as well as written documentation on how to implement the element and to personalize it with your own fonts and colors so it is in line with your branding and overall aesthetic of your site. 

Since the elements are created by using CSS and Javascript codes, we’ve created levels of implementation per each elements, so it’s easier for you to asses the required knowledge to implement your element. These also match Squarespace plan requirements:

Easy: Custom CSS, Personal Plan requirement

Medium: Custom CSS and Javascript code, Business Plan requirement

Advanced: Enabled Development Mode, Custom CSS and Javascript Code, Business Plan requirement. 

Don’t be scared of the above, as the steps are really easy to follow, and all of our beta users have been able to implement the elements with ease. See what they have to say below with the elements already in action on their site:


The product is easy to configure and install!

Fue muy fácil de instalar y de configurar, me ayudo mucho el video sobre actualizar la tipografía.

- Arya Costa


I really like the element! The documentation was easy to follow and I was able to implement the element onto my website with no issues.

Monae Media


Now Let’s Review Each Element Type



You can impress your site visitors right off the start with a compelling homepage slider.  And now you can do it easily with these custom sliders.  These dynamic and interactive sliders pull your blogposts in a mesmerizing animated way, keeping your viewers on the site going through your best work. 


If you want to create  engaging clickable areas to showcase your categories, packages, featured work, services, etc, then our custom Image Cards are for you. These elements are a perfect tool if you want to add clickable links across pages that are attention grabbing.


Squarespace summary blocks are a great way to showcase posts by category, tag, featured, etc. We’ve added interactive elements and some more character to these making summary blocks engaging and fun! 


One of our favorite elements! Who would have thought that one small button can be a game changer in terms of site navigation. Sleek looking, our back to top buttons come in collections and are easily editable to fit your branding. 


We all know that mail lists are an important marketing tool, but we also need to accept that Squarespace’s Newsletter block is not that appealing and there are limited styling options within the dashboard. This is why we’ve created these attention grabbing newsletter sections, that you can use across your site to get more leads and followers.


Another Squarespace block that we thought we can bring some life into it. Having an attractive contact form will make it that much easier to have your potential customers connect with you. 


We have created 12 interactive button collections designed enhance your online presence and improve your click through rate, and we are giving them away for free. Find out how to claim the FREEBIE here

The Future of Custom Elements

We are excited about the ways our custom elements will help Squarespace users personalize their sites, better present their work and services, and connect with clients, but also break Squarespace limitations for a more engaging custom looking site. We are excited to extend the offerings by adding new custom elements on a monthly basis. For those of you who has set their eye on several elements, we are working on bundle collections so you can enjoy these beauties at a discounted rate. Meanwhile, we are running an Early Bird offering, and you can purchase any of the elements with a 15% discount by using EARLYELEMENT code at checkout.