14 Influencers using Squaremuse design kits for Squarespace templates

Good design makes a brand memorable. Nowadays, people are overwhelmed by the tons of information, hundreds of options and decisions they have to process daily. For that reason the buyer has higher standards, and shorter attention span (according to Google Analytics the average session duration of a site visitor is 1 minute and 50 seconds). In this context it is obvious why websites that look better and have a user friendly interface have a competitive advantage over those websites that look like they where created in the early 2000’s.   

14 Influencers using Squaremuse design kits for Squarespace templates

photo credit annigraham.com

As a design agency, we consider imperative having a professional looking website, that will present a brand in a more original way, attract the right type of clients and guarantee a higher conversion rate from site visitors to clients. In today’s article we have selected 5 influencers and rising stars in the creative industry, that have their site build with Squaremuse Design Kits based on Squarespace templates. Keep scrolling to get inspired and convinced on how important design can be.

Anni Graham

- Built with D’Avella


Twyla Jones

www.twylajones.com - Built with Onyx


Adventure Instead

adventureinstead.com - Custom website by Squaremuse


Kristen Marie Parker

www.kristenmarieparker.com - Built with Onyx


Joel Alston

barefootandbearded.com - Built with Minima


Katch Silva: Learn

learn.katchsilva.com - Built with Custom Package


Lauren Apel

www.laurenapelphoto.com - Built with Miró


Eric Rene Penoy



Elizabeth Wells

www.elizabethwellsphoto.com - Built with D'Avella


Maya Lora

www.mayaloraphoto.com - Built with Osaka


DiAnna and Roy

www.ourtwohearts.com - Built with Black Onyx


The McLachans

the-mclachlans.com - Built with Osaka


Hannah Siddiqui

theroadtohannah.com - Built with Black Onyx

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