Interview with Jasmin Jade from Sugar & Lace Studio

She didn’t dream of becoming a photographer from childhood, but now she leads several brands which have a big success. Scroll down and get inspired by amazing Jasmin Jade, whom we where pleased to interview and work with. We couldn’t add more, her works are already self-sufficient.

Interview with Jasmin Jade from Sugar & Lace Studio

Hey Jasmin! You’ve got an impressive portfolio with mesmerising (and a bit provocative) photography. Can you tell us more about yourself? Who is Jasmin Jade? 

Thank you! I’m just a girl from Germany who found her dream job through photography. I'm married to a US Soldier and followed him to Hawaii as our first duty station 5 years ago. It’s where I learned and loved photography. We are currently stationed in southern Arizona and have two boys. 

Jasmin Jade is my alter ego version of myself. I like to hide behind my brand. I’m not the type that seeks the spotlight yet I’m planning to be more outgoing and share more about myself. This is why I created Jasmin Jade. I’m also here to help photographers grow in their craft. I offer private mentoring sessions and one on one workshops through


The path of becoming a self taught photographer is not easy. What has driven you to do this job, and how did you manage keeping yourself challenged and motivated? 

When I lived in Hawaii, I was inspired by the beauty around me and somehow thought I could. I then purchased a camera on Black Friday (yes I did too) and started learning. 

It was challenging  to understand my camera and the exposure triangle, but this challenge is what had me hooked. I started to see the world with different eyes. I saw the beauty of the sunset and other little things I did not notice before. It sounds cliche but it was like being born again. 

I think this is the part that had me loving this craft so much. Photography heals my soul. It’s an addiction and I get a bit nervous when I do not photograph for a few weeks. I’m sure lots of photographers can relate. Through photography I also find myself and the constant learning is what keeps me challenged and motivated. The need to take my “next best picture” is what keeps me going. It’s soul healing and I do not know how I could ever live without photography. 


Can you tell us how did you find your niche, and how you started photographing Boudoir and Portraits?

When I first started, I photographed lots of kids and families. I already had a documentary approach to my families but that style of shooting was not modern yet. It was the “perfect family picture” people wanted. This is what bored me to death and I finally realized I had to change something. I know whenever I photographed women I loved it. So I decided to rebrand myself into Sugar & Lace Studio and started with women’s portraiture then fell into loving Boudoir. 


So what actually are the things you wish you knew before starting doing photography?

I wish I knew that doing it the way others say is right, is actually wrong and that you have to listen to your inner voice. I wish I knew of my capabilities instead of constantly doubting myself. 

Besides Photography, you also do presets and community building. Can you tell us what is the secret behind creating presets? How did it grow into the community it currently is?

When I started photography I had spend tons of money on photoshop actions in my first year and told my friend that I will create and sell actions in five years. Here I am now, I guess I’m fulfilling my own words. 

I had my own editing style since a while and was often asked how I edit. I decided to take it a step further and create presets for the community. Creating presets for everyone is not as easy as you may think. You have to make sure they are streamlined and work on different settings and camera profiles. This was the important part for me. I’m making sure they are tested enough to be good enough for a variety of cameras and lighting scenarios. When I first started the Embrace Presets Community, it was hard work with lots of set backs. 

Also I’m a little bit of an outsider and don’t shoot weddings. That was the extra hard part. But I found my awesome people and my community is as amazing as it can be! I encourage everyone to join us


We are really excited to see your website new look. Can you tell us more about your experience using Squaremuse?

I loved working with you guys. I’m glad I’ve made the decision to use Squaremuse for my webpage. I don’t have much time and you guys answered all my questions and helped with problems quickly and efficiently.

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