Giveaway - Why consider Studio-Ninja management software

We are so exited to keep our partnership with Studio Ninja going, a studio management system created specifically for photography business owners. We discussed with Chris Garbacz, one of the Co-Founders about the benefits of using a studio management tool, and how it can improve the workflow of a photographer. In addition to that we are launching today a giveaway - a 3 years Studio Ninja subscription worth almost $1000. Keep on reading to find out more details about the software, and enter the giveaway at the bottom of the interview!

Giveaway - Why consider Studio-Ninja management software

Can you tell us about Studio Ninja? What do you offer? 

Studio Ninja is the world's most user-friendly photography business app for web and mobile. Designed specifically for photographers, it helps you manage your shoots, clients, leads, invoices, workflows and so much more… 

You have some known brand names offering similar tools. What is your competitive advantage over similar services? Why should photographers choose your platform?

Here are a few reasons: 

  • The most user-friendly studio management software on the market
  • Beautiful design
  • Amazing support
  • Built specifically for photographers, by photographers
  • So easy to learn, you can get setup in less than 30 mins
  • We include free pre-made email templates, contract templates, questionnaire templates and workflow templates into everyone’s account
  • Most affordable
  • Constantly innovating, we make software updates every 3 weeks
  • We listen and really care about your customers and we implement customer feedback regularly
  • We have the best mobile app out of all our competitors (design and usability)
  • We offer free data migration when customers are coming to us from a competitor
  • Subscribers get access to lots of discounts to other photography related vendors (like Squaremuse)
  • We donate $1 of every subscription, every month to charity

You chose to dedicate your platform exclusively for photographers. Is there a particular reason for that?

I am a photographer and have been shooting for 11 years so I wanted to build a system specifically suited to the needs of an industry that I am very familiar with. Everything about the system, the features, the design, the usability has been built to cater to photographers and we prefer it that way. We don’t want to clutter Studio Ninja with unnecessary bulky features, we keep things simple and we know exactly what market we cater to. 

What are the 3 main benefits of using a studio management tool like Studio Ninja?  

Again there are many, but the top three would be:

  1. It will help you stay organised and make sure that all of your shoots stay on track.

  2. It will free up so much precious time! Users have told me that now that they’re set up, they only spend 5 minutes a day on admin.

  3. It can automatically communicate with your clients, automatically respond to leads and automatically chase up due and overdue payments - meaning it can do the work while you’re sleeping.  

So far, your business is not integrated with Squarespace, do you plan on working on that?

Yes absolutely! We have a lot of integrations in our pipeline like Fundy, Pic-Time, Square, MailChimp and yes, Squarespace too. We need to create our contact form API and then we’re good to go!

What would you like your users to know about your team, product and future plans; which might not be necessarily so obvious?

We are actually very transparent with our users and communicate with them regularly via email, phone, our private Facebook group and via in-app chat. We publicly display our development roadmap so everyone can see what we’re working on and what’s coming up next. We even go so far as to explain to our users the process of building features and what is involved. 


As mentioned above, we listen to our users, we LOVE getting their feedback and we do everything in our power to not only build a great product but equally make sure that our customers are being taken care of. We celebrate the wins (new features, new integrations, etc) but also take responsibility and respond quickly to issues when things go wrong. 

Our users are helping us build our product, and I believe that being so in tune with our customers has been one of the defining factors to our success up to this point. 

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Now that you got to know a bit more about Studio-Ninja and its benefits to a photography business, don't miss the opportunity to win a 3 years Studio Ninja subscription worth $650, (AUD$1000). Follow the steps bellow to participate!

Good luck to all the participants! We'll be announcing the winner on Wednesday, September 5th. 

Creatively yours,
Squaremuse Team!