Creative Couples choose Onyx

In the name of Love, today on our blog we are featuring 5 photographer couples websites built with our most popular design kit Onyx. Different stories, different portfolio, but the same approach to what they are doing - with heart and soul. Take a break, get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy small stories about their lives.


Creative Couples choose Onyx

photo credit: Matt and Tish

Matt and Tish

"We want to photograph the authentic emotional moments. We look for the unseen moments and the moments you want to forever remember. We are inspired by movement, love, adventure and light. We want something different. We won’t spend our time posing because we are focused on what is real. Those real moments are the moments that will always remind you why you chose to spend the rest of your lives together." - Matt and Tish



Terence & Derryn Orpen

"We are a husband and wife team, a family with an honest desire to serve and inspire people with our gift. We have a love for people and their stories, for moving images and for music. Cinematography, editing and the understanding of narrative has been our passion for most of our lives, obtaining degrees in screenplay and motion picture and continued education as we further our knowledge in the craft of story telling. We want our couples to believe in us, trust us whole heartedly and bring soul and heart to their time with us." - Terence & Derryn Orpen


Kenzie Blink Photography

“What we’re about: Genuine, candid moments; Putting your comfort & happiness above all else; Small, intimate ceremonies & elopements; Turning clients into friends; Bringing your dog to shoots; Making art; Equality” - Kenzie & Nick


Agape Photography

“We value the real stuff. The love. The joy. The intentional connection. The unconventional. The story. The agape. Striving to capture those authentic, real moments. As husband and wife, we understand how important these moments are to you and your legacy. Our desire is to photograph moments as they are. Moments when you forget we’re there, and its just you and your person. Your love should be remembered and captured authentically and purposefully, and we believe the focus should always be on you two & these moments that last a lifetime.” - Mikayla & Luke


Mclachlan Studios

“Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, we are Sean + Kaylyn, husband + wife photographers who love to travel, play with our 2 hilarious little people and capture the moments in between. Our life has been filled with great stories and adventures, and we’d love nothing more than to help document some of yours. We want to capture the photos that make you laugh until you cry, smile until your face hurts, and tug at your heart. The genuine, “in between” moments that beg to be turned into memories.” - Sean & Kaylyn


Creatively Yours,

Squaremuse Team