How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Per describes himself as “just a small town boy from south of Sweden”, but of course he is being too modest here. For many of us, Per Henning and his work is a solid source of inspiration and fascination. His heart lies in travels, music, his photography and his family. Per is also the owner of a rockstar website, based on our Onyx design kit.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Having worked with different amazing couples on their wedding day, for many years in a row, you begin to understand how important it is to have a connection, similar vision and mutual trust with your clients. Also, you have to understand how stressful and challenging this whole planning process can be for them, including deciding on who will shoot the wedding. They say you have to choose wisely, and what better way to find out how to do it -  if not from the talented photographer himself. That is why we asked Per to share some advice and recommendations for future spouses on things to consider and expect when choosing the perfect wedding photographer. Keep reading and make sure you share this article with your freshly engaged friends and potential clients.

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1.  How much time in advance should the couple start looking for a photographer?

A year in advance is a good starting point, but don't think it is impossible just because you are at the last moment. Find a photographer which work you connect with and ask. You might get lucky! If the photographer is already booked, ask if she/he can recommend someone else who is available for your date. Many professional photographers today know each other via social media.


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2.  What questions should the couple ask their potential photographer?

Ask about the approach on their photography and see if it fits the vision of your day. Do you want a photographer that sets things up or do you want a documentary approach? Choose what feels closest to your heart and right for you. The photographer has a lot of experience and will happily give you advice, so don't hesitate to ask if there is something you are curious about. Timelines are also something you should discuss with your photographer, time for portraits etc. Make sure to plan a small break in the evening for portraits in the golden light.


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3.  Is it important that your personalities connect?

You don't need to be best friends, but the photographer is the one you will spend a lot of time with during your wedding day. It is important that you have trust! Having someone around that you really like will give you more than just pretty pictures, because the actual experience of photography will be much more joyful. Myself, I like to blend in with the guests and don't take too much space. At the same time I like to connect with some family and friends in order to get people more relaxed in front of the camera.


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4.  A photographer’s style versus images inspired from Pinterest/Instagram - what should couples know about this?

Pick a photographer which portfolio you connect with. Most photographers want to create something unique and are not overly excited to recreate images from Pinterest or Instagram. The photographer’s portfolio shows you the vision she/he has and what feeling they are going for.


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5.  Any last piece of advice for couples when deciding on their wedding photographer?

Let your heart decide! There are so many photographers out there with various styles but when you find the right one, you will know. Remember, your wedding is not about flowers, dresses, rings or photography - it is about love! The rest is just a really nice bonus!


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Either/or questions:

Cats or dogs? Dogs
Black & white or color? Black & white, there is just something magical about it.
Thai or Italian? Italian, I am addicted to pizza!
Early bird or night owl? Night owl, but I wish I was an early bird since it would make my life much easier with my son.
Freckles or dimples? Freckles
Mountains or beach? Mountains. I day dream about climbing Mount Everest.


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That’s it folks, hopefully you are now fully prepared to search for the perfect one (photographer). But don’t get too overwhelmed! As Per said - your wedding is not about flowers, dresses, rings or photography - it is about love! Have fun, make memories, dance, laugh and hug your dearest ones! Cheers to love!

Squaremuse Team.