9 Best Custom Squarespace Sites

Squarespace templates allow getting a new site off the ground in no time, and a lot of businesses choose Squarespace for its quick on-boarding and ease to use. Though initially it is a perfect solution to get an online presence, Squarespace templates are not a one size fits all kind of solution whenever it comes to businesses that have a more defined aesthetic and require to consolidate their branding to reflect their maturity and achieve a stronger positioning on the market.

9 Best Custom Squarespace Sites

Photo credit Greg Petersen

There are times when templates’ options are too limited to scale in order to represent the evolved and changed business. That’s when custom solutions with a tailored approach to site design is a viable option. Today on the site check out beautiful custom Squarespace sites.

Greg Petersen



“I think my expectations for my updated design would be to attract a more edgy client. Keep everything professional looking but not overly clean. I really want to bring out the rawness of my photography by adding some illustration elements.”





“My current website is plain and boring and doesn’t show how fun we are. It doesn’t lead my clients to my contact page and I want it to have a seamless walkthrough experience. I want something that feels different and custom, and I love your companies way of doing this.”




The Good Trade


“We continue to receive such warm compliments on our web
design and are so happy with the work we’ve done together.”

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Bek Smith


“Working with Polina and the team at Squaremuse was an absolute dream. I couldn't be happier with my new website and have had only positive feedback. Highly recommend working with the Squaremuse team if you want something different from the rest but want to keep your Squarespace site.”


Considering a Custom Website?

Going for a custom website design is truly a commitment for you as a creative, as it implies investment, more time spent on conceptualizing it and more business questions to answer in order to get the site that will work for you growing business in the years to come.

However, one can’t deny the plentitude of benefits it can bring you from attracting that perfect client to justified increase in pricing, and hence smarter resource management. Therefore, if you are considering a custom site and want to discuss your needs, go ahead and schedule a free consultation call with us, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions!