5 Movie Recommendations for an Artistic Weekend

This is the first post in the series of "Creative Weekends", where we will aim to share with you our team's selection of inspiration in music, filmography, photography, literature, etc. Art is a form of expression and resistance, and it can be found everywhere. 

We are passionate to learn about individuals who have paved the way to so many creatives in the photography and visual industry. Some of them were truly revolutionary, and just by expressing themselves they created a riot. If you are looking for a weekend movie to inspire, challenge and reflect - this is our curated selection for you. 

5 Movie Recommendations for an Artistic Weekend

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

An amazing feature movie directed by Stephen Sheinberg about weird people who can see and feel the world deeper and thinner than others. This movie is a free dramatic adaptation of the biography novel about Diane Arbus. She is an American photographer who is often called the "freak photographer", her works shocked the world of photography. Since this movie is artistic it does not focus on the details of Diana’s personal life, but tells us about the most important period of her biography. She took the decision, which probably not everyone can accept and understand- to leave her comfortable life , to stop shooting with her husband for the sake of finding herself in the art world. Starring Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey. 


Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present

The art-madness of Marina Abramoviс was aimed to motivate one to search for their identity. Individuality of a person - this is what the Yugoslav painter focuses on, whose work became the plot of a documentary film by Matthew Akers. In 2010, at the New York Museum of Modern Art, with the support of students, Marina Abramovic held a retrospective of her installations. While "volunteers of art" filled the museum space, the provocative artist realized a unique performance that lasted more than 736 hours. Do you remember the children's game - who's the first to blink? Anyone who feels like it, was able to sit opposite Marina and for half an hour just look into her eyes. In the case of Abramovic, this fun game made most people cry. Why? - this is the main question of the movie. 


Finding Vivian Maier

An amazing story, which once again proves that there are still undiscovered and unknown things in the world. The movie, similar to the detective story, does not bore for a second, following along the life of a distant and unordinary person - Vivien Maier. This movie tells a story about a young man investigating the treasure he’ve received - a huge amount of footage by the photographer Vivian Maier. He sees her obvious talent and wants to understand what is her secret, how she managed to capture on film the life itself. One of the most interesting facts about Vivien is that she photographed her whole life, but she did not show her works to anyone, and even a circle of her acquaintances never knew about this passion. Taking 200 films a year, she showed them in her own room, turning it into a photo lab. She never earned money on her hobby. Only after death, accidentally, these shots have become a part of history. 


Annie Leibovits: Life Through a Lens 

The documentary movie that introduces us to the iconic photographer-  Annie Leibovitz. Each of her pictures has a finished idea and is a full-fledged work of art. She was the one who introduced something new into the art of photography: experimentation and expression. The photographer, famous for her collaboration with Rolling Stones, Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines, archival footage, interviews with "customers", which make it a unique master class for anyone who dreams of becoming a portraitist of the era. The versatility of Leibovitz pleasantly surprises! She is charming and at the same time simple, talented and famous, but not pompous and arrogant. It's especially interesting to see the part of the movie about Annie's work at the Rolling Stones, and to know her contribution to rock music as we know it and generally to the social movements of that time. 


!Women Art Revolution

In the 1960s, a young artist Lynn Hershman took up a camera to shoot some friends who visited her dorm at the University of Berkeley. In 40 years it turned out that among them were the feminist icons of the 70s and mid-80s such as: Judy Chicago, Nancy Spero, Rachel Rosenthal, Guerilla Girls and in general all who were somehow involved in the radical transformation of contemporary art that occurred in Post-Eisenhower America for two decades. Back then the feminist art that fought for the presence of women in museum collections and on university halls was equal to political protest. Their works, which later became classics, were discussed at US Congress meetings, where they were accused of pornography. The movie is an explosive mixture of feminism, politics and art, an unique chronicle of a subculture, with archival frames of performances of the 60s-70s and a lively soundtrack from the indie rock band Sleater-Kinney.