The ultimate podcasts photographers need to listen

Photographers’ peak season is starting. All sessions are booked, traveling is planned, lots of photos, editing - this can be a bit exhausting which would influence your creativity, when you utterly need it. It’s a bit harder though to get it, due to shortage of time. But no worries, here is our secret to finding the muse - listening podcasts is the thing which we really like to do when we want to get that creative energy going. Are you already intrigued to know what our colleagues are listening to? Here is a list of photography podcasts that we love, and hopefully will help you in your business and creativity as well.

The ultimate podcasts photographers need to listen

History of photography podcast

If you enjoy informative materials, film photography, and vintage style, this podcast is for you. Listen to it and you’ll be surprised by how many bearded hipsters you will find in those hundred years photos. It's the best inspiration to get while driving to your Grand Canyon shoot.

Tinker Street podcasts

This is a podcast series made by Tyson Wheatley. He is generally interviewing photographers from the Tinker Street camp, and leads nice discussions about the creative process. The best what we find in those podcasts is the selection of outstanding photographers from different niches. 

The Business Photography podcasts

The Business Photography is having a weekly podcast series, in which they discuss with a wide range of experts and pragmatically reach a multitude of topics that would definitely be interesting for a photographer who is actively improving their business process. 

The Halftone podcasts

Living legends, emerging photographers and photo-book publishers are being interviewed in this smaller but a less commercial project. This warm interviews with a country intro are a great way to discover something new but in the same time reflect upon your own work, philosophy as a photographer. 


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