5 fails you need to avoid on Instagram Stories

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It is obvious that if you have a photography business, and are not spending time on your Instagram account, high chances you might end up in a failed “game-changer move” situation. However, even though the majority of the creatives are investing a lot of resources into their social media visibility, not everybody has a clearly defined Instagram Stories strategy. That’s why we’ve decided to share some points with you about what not to do on your IG Stories, and as we love design so much, there is even a freebie somewhere on this page. Find it!

5 fails you need to avoid on Instagram Stories

You are not using it yet

Instagram stories have proven to be a huge asset to take advantage of when promoting your creative business. Not only does it do an amazing job in expanding your community and building a better brand awareness since it creates 1 to 1 conversations with your potential customers, but it is also good for your visibility in the general Instagram feed, as the algorithm gives a lot of value to the users who post stories. So if you are one of those hipsters who are still not posting stories, we would recommend you to better take advantage of this feature until it’s not too late, trust us, you will be impressed by how many unexpected doors it can open to you!  

Your Instagram Story is not an actual Story

When deciding on what content to post in your stories, don’t forget that it must be first of all a story. You can decide upon a single idea to share with your community within the 24 hours’ life-spam of your content, and stick some attractive images or videos accordingly. It’s always better to make the communication as simple as possible, therefore we do not advice you to post incoherent material. For instance mixing up a sale announcement of your presets with cute videos of your dog is undesirable, unless you want to use your dog as a sales agent, but then don’t forget to give him some % of the sales. 

You want to make your stories consistent, interesting and about one thing, since that will give you much more impact!

Your posts are not engaging

Deciding upon the content to share is of course a matter of your preferences. But let’s face it, who doesn’t like to get some exclusive insights? Lifestyle videos usually have a big success, and by forecasting some “sneak peaks” or some previews of the latest projects, you will make your audience feel more special. Also it will create some extra hype around your projects. Additionally they will feel in love with your dog. 

You are posting now and then

Instead of posting without any schedules, we would recommend to use stories on a regular basis, in order to teach your audience to expect this platform as a communication channel. Posting at different times throughout the day strategically lifts your stories to the top of your followers’ timelines. Try to post them consistently, a several rimes throughout the day. We for instance prefer to post about 3-4 slides twice a day, with an interval of 6-8 hours in between.  

Make your stories a part of your strategy, don’t underestimate it’s power.  Make sharing Instagram Stories a standard part of your daily routine. 

You don’t have a style strategy

Even though your stories will last for only 24h, and you might be tempted to post some junky photos, or videos, it’s better to create a style policy of your content. All caps or standard text? How will you use colour? Does that work with your brand’s palette? Full colour or semi-transparent colour block? What about your emoji strategy? Those are just some of the points to take into consideration when planning it. A style for your Insta will make you look more professional, and obviously will contribute to your branding. 

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