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1. The CSS code isn’t applied properly

In the majority of cases, the CSS code isn’t applied due to the differences between the slugs of the sections and the ones mentioned in the code.

Watch the video below, where we go through how to edit the slugs and check the CSS code in general

2. There’s a background color on the testimonials slider, behind the quote block, how do I solve this?

In order to solve this, go to Site Styles, click on the area and make sure you have the overlay color to be transparent. After this, adjust the padding on overlay pages to be 100 instead of 240px.


3. The “Code” Font isn’t looking as in demo.

If you have this issue, most probably there’s a difference in the CSS code that you implemented. At this point, it is important to have the code as below. ( Row of code: 98 )


4. How can I make my header transparent?

If you want to have a transparent header, you simply have to go to Site Styles, click on your header and make the following adjustments:


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