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1.How to make the navigation bar/menu transparent?

If you want to have a transparent header which will be on top of your banner image, there are a couple of settings that have to be changed which will affect the position of your logo and menu items. You have to make sure that all the settings are configured as below (this will only work if your first section uses a banner image, for galleries/sliders see below)

image_preview (4).png

If instead of one image you want to have a slider, you need to add a gallery as first section, and check the following setting inside your Site Styles:

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.08.56 AM.png

2. How to add a slider to homepage?

In case you want to have a slideshow instead of the banner image at the top of your page, you simply have to add a gallery and to position it as the first section of the index page. Follow the steps in the video below to make sure you achieve the desired look.

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