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1. How do I change the width of my post’s content?

If you want to change the width of the content from your blog post, you have several options:

  1. If you want to change the width of the text only, add the CSS code below in your CSS tab (Design -> Custom CSS) and change the percentage value accordingly.

.BlogItem .html-block .sqs-block-content{

  max-width:80% !important

2. If you want to have both the images and text the same width, you’ll have to add this code:

.BlogItem {


margin:0 auto;


.BlogItem .html-block .sqs-block-content{

max-width:100%  !important;


2. How do I make my header transparent?

Please insert the following code snippet in the Custom CSS area.

/* Transparent Header */

.homepage header {

        background: transparent !important;

        position: absolute !important;


.homepage #mainNavWrapper nav a,

.homepage #mainNavWrapper nav label{

        color: #fff;


.homepage .Header-branding-logo , .homepage #logoImage img {

        filter: invert(100%) !important;


.homepage #mainNavWrapper nav .subnav a {

        color: #1c1513;


.homepage #logoImage:before,

.homepage #logoImage:after {

        background: #fff;


.homepage.tweak-header-primary-nav-hover-style-plain .Header--overlay .Header-nav .Header-nav-item{

        color:#fff !important;


3. How do I center-align my blog’s title?

In case you want to center- or right-align your blog’s title, go to the settings of the page → Advanced and change the position of the text, it can be:

 text-lign: center; 



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