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1. The CSS code isn’t applied 

In the majority of cases, the CSS code isn’t applied due to the differences between the slugs of the sections and the ones mentioned in the code.

Watch the video below, where we go through how to edit the slugs and check the CSS code in general

2. I can’t make the vertical line appear on my About/ Home pages

If your section slugs match with the ids in the CSS code, but the line still won’t appear, the issue might be in spacer blocks used in these sections. Often the spacer from the right side of the text is missing, causing this issue. Make sure that in the backend, the spacers are organized exactly as shown below.



About Page:

image_preview (1).png

3. On my homepage, in my About area, the background color is vertical, not horizontal. What do I do?

In this situation, make sure that the slugs for both the homepage and about are the correct ones.

4. My logo color on the homepage is inverted

The color filter is used if you have a black logo in order to make your logo visible on an overlay image. If you don’t have a monochrome logo or if your logo is visible on both white and image backgrounds, you will have to delete or comment /**/ the following block of code:

image_preview (2).png

5. The lines from the header aren’t even

image_preview (3).png

If you have this issue,  what you have to make sure that both your search icon and social media accounts are displayed in the header. After doing that, pay attention to the position of each and make sure that the site styles are configured as below:

image_preview (4).png

6. The fields from my contact form are empty.

The fields from the contact form use the text added in the Placeholder area. You have to make sure that for each section you have added the label in the placeholder field.

image_preview (5).png

7. The mobile version doesn’t look like in Demo ( make sure to update the slugs also for mobile)

If there are still some issues with the way the mobile version of your site looks like, make sure that the slugs mentioned in the code written for mobile devices are updated.

8. In the homepage gallery there is a white area which contains the subtitle & title of the images. How can I make the background from white to transparent?

If you will want to remove the white background behind the title & subtitle, you can add the following code snippet in the Custom CSS area :


  background:transparent !important;


9. How can I get the horizontal lines in the header to be white instead of black?

In order to change the color of the lines, you have to add the following code snippet in the Custom CSS area:

.ancillary-header-branding-position-bottom-center.homepage [data-nc-base="header"] [data-nc-group="bottom"] [data-nc-container]:first-child, .ancillary-header-branding-position-bottom-center.homepage [data-nc-base="header"] [data-nc-group="bottom"] [data-nc-container]:last-child{
  border-color:black !important;

10. How can I invert the color of the arrows from the homepage slider?

Please insert the following code snippet:

.tweak-index-gallery-layout-slideshow:not(.tweak-index-gallery-controls-none) .Index-gallery-control {

   filter: invert(100%);


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