General Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions related to our design kit implementation. Please keep in mind that the list is being continuously updated based on frequent questions that our team receives.

The access password for all videos is support-faq

1. The password for the documentation is not working for the videos.

All the video passwords are on the first page (name of page) of documentation, which is different from the password you have for the documentation itself.

2. The CSS code isn’t applied properly

In the majority of cases, the CSS code isn’t applied due to the differences between the slugs of the sections and the ones mentioned in the code.

Watch the video below, where we go through how to edit the slugs and overall on how to check the CSS code.

3. My current site uses the same template as the one I need to have to implement the design kit. What do I do?

When working on your new site, you can either use a landing/cover page which says “under construction/coming soon” or to work in preview mode. The preview mode allows you to make changes to the new template, add CSS code, change layouts etc. Unfortunately , it isn’t possible to enable the preview mode if your live site is using the same template, as the one required for your new site. Thereby, the only option that you have if you currently use the template that’s needed for your new site is building a Coming Soon page by using Squarespace cover page.

Read here how to add Cover Pages.

4. I can’t find the necessary setting inside Site Styles

Site Styles show only a limited number of settings for you to adjust. If the element you want to adjust is not showing on the page you are currently previewing, the setting for this element won’t be shown in the Site Styles tab.
To solve this, simply click on the section that you need to edit, and the required settings will appear in the Site Styles’ left side column of your dashboard. For example, if you want to change the layout for your blog page, you have to open on your Blog Page, afterwards go to Site Styles and simply click on the whole area.

For more details, check this article here.

5. How Do I add a Full Width Banner?

The first thing you have to do is to add an index page. Add new blank section underneath.

After doing so, set the image from the banner section

download (1).png

6. How can I add my own fonts?

If you have custom fonts, or fonts that aren’t included in the default list in SquareSpace, you simply have to follow the steps listed in this article.

7. My logo is white, how to make it transparent?

Please make sure that your logo is uploaded as a png file, not jpg.

8. Can't seem to find the next steps to implement the Design.

All the documentation is in the upper- left corner. From there you will see the videos & documentation for different pages!

9. What do I do with my old pages once I publish my new site?

Once your new site is published, we strongly recommend to disable the pages from your old site. This way, your pages will not be indexed by Google but you will still be able to check your old information if necessary.

You can aslo check the video below to check how to properly prepare your site before launching.

10. How do I properly launch my site?

11. How do I set redirects so I don’t get any 404s errors after launch?

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