Squaremuse provides Premium Design solutions (Design Kits, Custom Elements, Pricing kits -coming soon) for creatives who use Squarespace as their website platform. To implement Squaremuse digital products you need to have a Squarespace account. Squaremuse is not affiliated with Squarespace.

No coding knowledge is required to setup your Squaremuse design kit on your Squarespace, but we do encourage you to follow our tutorials which will assist you with the process. 

You need to have a Squarespace account, Adobe Photoshop (for some design kits), good internet and free time to implement the design. No technical skills are required.

All files are provided in latest version of Adobe Photoshop, while some design kits might include elements in latest version of Adobe Illustrator. Video tutorials cover how to work with editable files. 

Each Squaremuse design kit comes with editable files and access to articles and video documentation. Editable files allow to customize banners, graphics with your own wording and images. This, as well as the Additionally each design kit is accompanied with tutorials to help you setup your site and customize the design files.

 If your site is on Squarespace, whenever you start implementing the new design all your content and pages will remain intact. You will implement the new design in Preview Mode, so your visitors will see your old site while you work on your new site. When you are ready, the switch to the new site is just a click away. 

Squaremuse design kits are a one-time payment digital product. 

It is a common issue with Squarespace file storage. You can refresh the page and the download should start automatically. If you fail to download your files, please contact us at info@squaremuse.com for alternative file delivery.