We offer standard setup services (Full Setup, Demo Setup), custom design and development services (Custom Packages), and brand enhancement and branding services (Style Kit package and Branding Package). Check all our service here.

The Full Setup service includes implementation of the demo of your purchased design kit. If your site is not on Squarespace we also assist with content migration.

We are setting the site in a preview mode, so your current site is live. Once we've fully implemented the site and you are ready to launch we switch the new site to go live.

Estimated time to set up your design kit and send a preview of the site is up to 5 business days, +/- depending on sitemap and feedback. 

If you provide images and copy for pages on the site, the Full Setup will be implemented directly with your own copy and images, as well as with your own sitemap. 

We offer two main custom packages based. Package nr 1 includes a style kit and 2 custom pages, and Package nr. 2 includes a style kit and 4 custom pages.

Additionally, for more advanced needs we offer a bundle package which includes Branding & Custom package 2 deliverables.

Both custom packages have a curated custom approach. First we explore your brand and business via an questionnaire. Once we understand your identity and business goals we create a web style kit, i.e. typography, colors, around your existing logo (custom packages do not include Branding work. If you wish to work with our team on your Branding contact us via email). We approve the style kit and move to designing the Homepage. Usually at this point we have a call. Once the Homepage is approved we continue to the next pages within the package. When all pages are designed and approved, we move to development and implement the design in your Squarespace account. After feedback and reviews we launch your new custom site. 

Both custom packages include working with our creative team. The difference between packages is the number of custom pages that we design and develop: 2 custom pages vs 4 custom pages. The rest of pages are implemented generic from Squarespace or from existing Squaremuse design kits.
We have an advanced package which includes Branding and Custom package 2. For more details read here.

We provide a branding package. It includes the following deliverables: Logo and Mark; Development Font and Color Systems; Web Style Kit Guide.

We provide fully custom solutions on Squarespace. Send us a message at info@squaremuse.com and we will schedule a call to discuss your vision and estimate your project scope.