View below Frequently Asked questions regarding Squaremuse design kits. If you can not find your question, please contact us directly. 

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  • What is Squaremuse?

    Squaremuse provides Premium Design Kits for creatives who use Squarespace as their website platform. To implement Squaremuse Design kits you need to have a Squarespace account.


    What do I need to implement your designs?

    You need to have a Squarespace account, Adobe Photoshop (for some design kits), good internet and free time to implement the design. No technical skills are required.


    How can I edit the files I've received with my design kit?

    All files are provided in latest version of Adobe Photoshop, while some design kits might include elements in latest version of Adobe Illustrator. Video tutorials cover how to work with editable files. 


    I receive a 502/503 Error in my browser when I try to download the design kit files. What should I do?

    It is a common issue with Squarespace file storage. You can refresh the page and the download should start automatically. If you fail to download your files, please contact us at info@squaremuse.com for alternative file delivery.


    Is Squaremuse a one-time or monthly payment?

    Squaremuse design kits are a one-time payment digital product. 


    Do I need to know coding?

    No coding knowledge is required to setup your Squaremuse design kit on your Squarespace, but we do encourage you to follow our tutorials which will assist you with the process. 


    What do I receive when I buy your design kit?

    Each Squaremuse design kit comes with editable files and access to articles and video documentation. Editable files allow to customize banners, graphics with your own wording and images. This, as well as the Additionally each design kit is accompanied with tutorials to help you setup your site and customize the design files.


    My site is on Squarespace, will I lose my content when implementing a Squaremuse design kit?

    If your site is on Squarespace, whenever you start implementing the new design all your content and pages will remain intact. You will implement the new design in Preview Mode, so your visitors will see your old site while you work on your new site. When you are ready, the switch to the new site is just a click away.

  • What services do you offer?

    We offer standard setup services (Full Setup) and custom design and development services (Custom Packages).


    What is included inside the Full Setup package? 

    The Full Setup service includes implementation of the demo of your purchased design kit. If your site is not on Squarespace we also assist with content migration.


    How long does it take you to set up my site?

    Estimated time to set up your design kit and send a preview of the site is up to 5 business days, +/- depending on sitemap and feedback. 


    What is the difference between Custom package nr. 1 and nr. 2?

    Both custom packages include working with our creative team. The difference between packages is the number of custom pages that we design and develop: 2 custom pages vs 4 custom pages. The rest of pages are implemented generic from Squarespace or from existing Squaremuse design kits.


    What is the process for custom packages?

    Both custom packages have a curated custom approach. First we explore your brand and business via an questionnaire. Once we understand your identity and business goals we create a web style kit, i.e. typography, colors, around your existing logo (custom packages do not include Branding work. If you wish to work with our team on your Branding contact us via email). We approve the style kit and move to designing the Homepage. Usually at this point we have a call. Once the Homepage is approved we continue to the next pages within the package. When all pages are design and approved, we move to development and implement the design in your Squarespace account. After feedback and reviews we launch your new fabulous site. 



    Does the Full Setup include my copy and images?

    If you provide images and copy for pages on the site, the Full Setup will be implemented directly with your own copy and images, as well as with your own sitemap. 


    What happens to my site while you make the setup?

    We are setting the site in a preview mode, so your current site is live. Once we've fully implemented the site and you are ready to launch we switch the new site to go live.


    Do you offer custom packages?

    We offer two custom packages based off our design kits. Package nr 1 includes a style kit and 2 custom pages, and Package nr. 2 includes a style kit and 4 custom pages. For further details please refer to Work With Us page


    Can I hire you for a full custom site?

    We do provide fully custom services. Send us a message at info@squaremuse.com and we will schedule a call to discuss your vision and estimate your project scope. 


    Do you do branding?

    Although branding is not a standard service that we offer, we do provide it per request. E-mail us directly to discuss your branding needs and brand packages that we offer.

  • How technical do I need to be to implement a design kit on my own?

    Squaremuse design kits are developed with easiness and accessibility in mind. Each step of implementation is described in detail in video tutorials. There is no technical skill required besides ability to use a computer. 

    I receive a 502 error in my browser when I try to download the design kit files. What should I do?

    It is a common issue with Squarespace file storage. You can refresh the page and the download should start automatically. If you fail to download your files, please contact us at info@squaremuse.com for alternative file delivery.


    Do I need hosting?

    Squarespace provides hosting once you create an account with them and subscribe to their services, so say good-bye to dealing with other third parties.


    Do Squaremuse design kits work on other platforms, i.e. WordPress, ShowIt?

    Squaremuse design kits are specifically created to be implemented on Squarespace. For themes and design kits on WordPress please visit www.flothemes.com.


    How do I transfer my domain to Squarespace?

    Squarespace covers all questions related to transferring your domain if it was purchased through a third party. 




    I have a technical issue with Squarespace platform. Can you help me?

    Any issues related directly to Squarespace platform should be addressed to Squarespace support. We will assist with any questions/issues related to the design kit implementation and related settings, code, etc.


    Can current site is on a different platform (Wordpress, Format, Showit, etc.). Can I migrate my content to Squarespace?

    Squarespace is incredibly easy when it comes to importing your content from other providers, especially WordPress. More articles on content import here. If you require assistance with content migration, our team can assist within a support package. Contact us directly at info@squaremuse.com for details.


    I have an idea for my site that requires technical skills to implement. Can I hire you?

    If you want to implement something on top of your design kit that requires technical skills, our team can assist you as part of additional support.  Email us directly at info@squaremuse.com for further information.


    How do I set up my e-mail?

    Squarespace offers multiple ways to setup email. We suggest using Google Apps for your email. Note it is a paid service from Google but worth definitely it. Details on Squarespace support here.


  • What is your Refund Policy?

    Squaremuse offers digital products, which due to their nature are not refundable, unless a prior agreement was made.


    How do I know my purchase went through?

    After you make the purchase on the site, you shall receive an order confirmation to the email that you used in your purchase. 


    What happens when I purchase a custom package?

    After you purchase a custom package on the site, you will be contacted by our team within 24 hours with next steps. 


    Do you offer payment breakdowns?

    A 50/50 payment breakdown is available for custom package 2. Payment breakdowns are also available for full custom projects.  


    Is Squaremuse a monthly payment product?

    Squaremuse design kits are one-time payment digital products. You can purchase one design kit for $199 or an Yearly Package for $400, which allows you to get 4 design kits of your choice within a year's time. 


    What happens after I purchase a design kit?

    After you make the purchase on the site, you shall receive an order confirmation to the email that you used in your purchase. Shortly after, you will receive another automated email with your design kit's downloadable files. 


    What happens after I purchase an Yearly Package?

    After you purchase an Yearly Package you will receive an email from our team with 4 codes available for 1 year, which you can use to get design kits for free. 

  • How do I get help?

    You can contact us directly at info@squaremuse.com.  For any technical issues you would have to connect with Squarespace support. 


    Where can I learn more?

    Follow our blog for inspirational and educational content, from SEO tips to interviews with industry's best. 


    Can I find you on social media?

    You can join our closed Facebook group here, where you can ask any questions any time or share your experience, best practices, etc. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for news and updates.