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As a benefit to all of our users we are offering a great opportunity to have your site reviewed by our team.
Sign up and receive a video recording with tips and easy to implement recommendations regarding your site’s aesthetics, conversions, any oversights and SEO related aspects.

Since we are limited in time, we accept a limited amount of sign-ups per month. 


Read What Users Say


"Wow!!!!! I am absolutely blown away that someone actually looked at my site and came back with a relevant critique that I can implement. In an age where service and back-up has almost disappeared, I was so impressed. You guys have won me for life with your products and I’ll be singing your praises to whoever will listen. Thank you so much for going over my site so thoroughly. I plan to start acting on all of your suggestions which were spot on! Amazing service guys. I’m wrapped and appreciative beyond words with your constructive advice."

- Colin Baxter, True North Photography, built with Minima design kit



"Thank you so much! 
Best 21 minutes ever, honestly can not thank you enough! This goes above and beyond what I could ever expected from a purchase like this and I'm simply amazed! 
Working on implementing majority of the changes you have suggested."
- Lachland McDonald, Locksmith Photography, built with Ónyx design kit.


Thank you so much for the video and advice! I have loved implementing this website design. I receive so many compliments on it. I had a photo meeting this morning and my website was one of the main things that they talked about. 

Looking forward to making those changes. Some great points were brought up that I couldn't see before! Check back soon for website perfection. 

- Bridget Couwenhoven, Bridget Couwenhoven, built with Miró design kit


Reason 17384949 why @getsquaremuse is the best: they sent me a 10 minute video giving  me feedback on my website and how it could be improved. Business owners, artists, etc. I highly recommend using them to build your site. 

-Bridget Siddiqui, The Road to Hannah, built with Black Ónyx design kit