How technical do I need to be to implement a design kit on my own?

Squaremuse design kits are developed with easiness and accessibility in mind. Each step of implementation is described in detail in video tutorials. There is no technical skill required besides ability to use a computer. 

I receive a 502 error in my browser when I try to download the design kit files. What should I do?

It is a common issue with Squarespace file storage. You can refresh the page and the download should start automatically. If you fail to download your files, please contact us at for alternative file delivery.


Do I need hosting?

Squarespace provides hosting once you create an account with them and subscribe to their services, so say good-bye to dealing with other third parties.


Do Squaremuse design kits work on other platforms, i.e. WordPress, ShowIt?

Squaremuse design kits are specifically created to be implemented on Squarespace. For themes and design kits on WordPress please visit


How do I transfer my domain to Squarespace?

Squarespace covers all questions related to transferring your domain if it was purchased through a third party. 




I have a technical issue with Squarespace platform. Can you help me?

Any issues related directly to Squarespace platform should be addressed to Squarespace support. We will assist with any questions/issues related to the design kit implementation and related settings, code, etc.


Can current site is on a different platform (Wordpress, Format, Showit, etc.). Can I migrate my content to Squarespace?

Squarespace is incredibly easy when it comes to importing your content from other providers, especially WordPress. More articles on content import here. If you require assistance with content migration, our team can assist within a support package. Contact us directly at for details.


I have an idea for my site that requires technical skills to implement. Can I hire you?

If you want to implement something on top of your design kit that requires technical skills, our team can assist you as part of additional support.  Email us directly at for further information.


How do I set up my e-mail?

Squarespace offers multiple ways to setup email. We suggest using Google Apps for your email. Note it is a paid service from Google but worth definitely it. Details on Squarespace support here.