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Customizable Designs for Squarespace sites and Squarespace templates. Suitable for Creative businesses, Photography, Videography, Event planners, Florals, Design Studios etc. Each design kit comes with graphic elements, CSS codes, and step-by-step video tutorials.

Branding Packages for Creatives

Your branding is not only your logo. It is a communication system that visualizes your brand identity and brand experience. It’s not only the main pillar of your business but also a tool that helps you position yourself and filter through your clientele. Check below our two brand offerings that we have: to enhance your branding and to fully rebrand.


Style Kit Package

Brand Enhancement | $1500

This package is perfect for those that have a logo, and need help enhancing their branding and extending their visual presentation to include color system, complementary fonts and styling.

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Branding Package

rebranding | $3500

The package includes brand consultations, and an in-depth exploration of business model and clientele. Asset deliverables include: logo, marks, stamps, color and font systems, web style kit.

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What you get:


Complimentary Fonts & Color System

Within both packages you receive complimentary fonts and color systems as supporting assets to your main brand asset: your logo.


Logo & Mark (Branding package)

While within Style Kit package you provide the team with an existing logo, within Branding Package we develop a new logo for you with variations, including additional brand assets: marks and stamps.

1-on-1 calls and consultations

Both packages include an exploration stage, where we collect details about your business, clientele, growth plans, etc. Which is followed by calls and consultations on visual direction.


Web Style kit

To wrap everything up, you receive a web style kit presentation, where fonts, colors, logo, marks come together in combination with your content and imagery.


Branding is not just your logo. Invest today in your business’s most important asset.

Style Kit Package

If you have a logo and need help enhancing your branding and extending your visual presentation to include color system, complementary fonts and styling, this package is for you.

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Branding Package

Branding Package includes the following deliverables:

  • Logo and Mark

  • Development

  • Font and Color Systems

  • Web Style Kit Guide

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