6 beautiful websites built with Venice Design Kit

Dreamy, elegant, rich in beautiful design elements, Venice Design Kit is the right choice for your photography website if you want to get your user’s attention, and engage him in an excellent website experience. In today’s article we will feature 6 inspiring websites build by our lovely Squaremuse clients who used Venice Design Kit to revamp their online identity. Keep on scrolling to find your muse!

6 beautiful websites built with Venice Design Kit

Photo credits: Devon Kenela

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Christine Wozz


Squarespace Site Inspiration. Lifestyle Blogging.


Devon Kenela


Modern Squarespace website built with Squaremuse Design kit


Madison Must


Photography portfolio site on Squarespace. Built with Squaremuse Design kit.

 Wilde Sparrow


Squarespace Site inspiration. Colorful and playful design.
Design for Squarespace. Photography Site built with Venice Design Kit.

The Cypress Collective


Beautiful Squarespace Site. Designs for Squarespace templates.

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