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5 Answers When a Potential Client Says You’re Too Expensive

Before you start questioning why you are getting (or not) the “too expensive” line from potential clients, you need to see if your pricing is on point. It’s true, it can take a fair amount of time to set and figure out the appropriate price/value scale. Make sure to deliver better-than-average work, if you are charging a premium fee for your services. But if you agree that your work can be easily replaced with a Google search and 10 other photographers - do yourself a favor and start working on being distinct, while charging the fair fee for now.

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8 Ways In Overcoming A Creative Burnout

Welcome to the adult world, where a creative burnout is not a myth, and when it hits you - it hits you hard. It’s this state, in which your creative process flows into a dead end. The ideas run out of your head, like rats from a sinking ship, and your inspiration officially becomes listed as missing. Without reserve, a creative burnout is not just a temporary lack of inspiration and motivation, it affects individuals on a deeper level by draining their personal purpose of doing something. When in a creative burnout stage, everything seems senseless and dull, you feel psychologically tired and physically exhausted - incapable of pulling yourself together and getting things going as per usual.
The good news is that we all have experienced it, whether you're a beginning freelancer or the creative director of a big agency. Luckily, there is always a break in the clouds. The quicker you will understand how to clear out your mind, the faster you will be back on your A game, balance your amount of work, and hail up with creative and unprecedented ideas.

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Marcos Sanchez: Honesty & Real Emotions in Photography

Meet Marcos Sanchez, a big guy with a distinguishably well - groomed beard, colorful tattoos, and with an outstanding wedding photography style. His clients describe him not as a simple photographer at their event, but as a guest with a camera. He’s very discreet and careful in his actions, almost like a ninja. Since “honesty” is the highest form of intimacy, Marcos has developed a strategy to flawlessly depict that in his photographs. He is a big advocate of capturing raw, real emotions. Keep reading to find out how he has mastered the spontaneous shots, what inspires him and other bits and bobs that are hiding within his positive and goofy personality.

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