5 must-see Squarespace sites built with Miró

Couple of weeks ago we've posted about 5 sites built with Onyx. Today we are sharing sites built on another design kit that is a top choice among Squaremuse users - Miró. Energetic, fun, and yet editorial and fashion. Miró offers various options for homepage layouts which gives so much flexibility to personalize it and make it truly your own. Our site selections today prove just that!

5 must-see Squarespace sites built with Miró
thenorthwestfocus design for squarespace by squaremuse.jpg
withloveandembers-squarespace-site-miro 1.jpg


If you are in love in Miró as much as we are, don't waste any more time and give it a go. We promise you will not regret. Use code HAPPYMUSE20 today, and don't miss the 20% sale on all our Customizable Design Kits for Squarespace Templates.


Squaremuse Team