5 Font Combinations to Rock your Squarespace Site

Typography - it can make or break your visual identity. Great photos need great typography to support visual communication and brand culture. Today on our blog we present 5 awesome font combinations that will elevate your Squarespace site. 

5 Font Combinations to Rock your Squarespace Site

Selecting fonts for your site can be quite a hassle. There are several aspects to consider when choosing fonts:

1. Make sure the fonts you select work well together and create strong symbiotic combination, even if they are from different font families.

2. Work with fonts that enhance your brand voice and support visually your imagery. You'd want to make sure that the fonts you choose attract the kind of client you want to work in the future. After all, apart from photography, the rest of online communication on your site are words.

3. Choose fonts that are compatible technically with the platform. In case of Squarespace, you can select from Google Fonts and work with Adobe's Type Kit as well.

Google Fonts alone provide vast alternatives for fonts that look professional and will make your brand unique. Here are 5 Google Fonts combinations that we've selected for you today:


Oranien Baum + PT Sans

High contrasts between the fonts for a modern and clean look.


Forum + EB Garamond

Pure elegance and classic modern feel. 


Limelight + Open Sans

Explore the cinematographic vibe with this bold combo. 



Feminine, and yet quirky style with this pair of fonts. 



Modern and elegant with classics.


Anything interesting caught your eye? A site update never hurt nobody ;)

Note: If you are a Squaremuse user, just tweak the fonts assigned to h1, h2, hr3, body font and quote on your Style Kit page, which is the first page covered in our documentation on implementing Squaremuse design kits

Creatively Yours,

Squaremuse Team