As a team of creatives we are visually oriented and believe in beautiful design and strong typography to position and boost businesses. We have created Squaremuse to deliver premium designs for creatives who crave a Flothemes aesthetic, but prefer to have their work showcased on Squarespace, or do not wish to switch from Squarespace to Wordpress.
While WordPress has multiple solutions and is a robust CMS framework to build on, it requires more technical involvement, feedback and review, which let’s be honest is dull and often hinders the initial enthusiasm of creating a new website.

With Squarespace, creating a site is easy by following simple steps, and now paired with Squaremuse it also allows you to build an appealing aesthetic, thus creating your unique brand voice online and giving a professional look to your site. 

We fall in love with our designs and we are more than proud to share them with you. Check out below some of our favorites!

Our Favourite Design Kits
Squaremuse Benefits
Do you want to add more of your brand voice to your Squarespace theme? Just follow the instructions that come with your theme and edit fonts, graphics, layouts, etc. 
Easy to implement
Squarespace does not require any coding experience, so applying your own Squaremuse is a piece of cake. Just follow our video tutorials and documentation.
Squaremuse themes are responsive right out of the box, to ensure that your site is engaging and beautiful on any device.