5 Sites Built with D'Avella

If you’re seeking out some inspiration and aesthetic direction for your Squarespace website. If you love minimalism, and what a simple, yet sophisticated way to showcase your portfolio online - the D’Avella design kit is exactly what you need. With D’Avella you’re getting a clean, elegant layout, with an editorial vibe to highlight your best images and share your visuals narrative in an intriguing way. Leave your site visitors impressed and curious to find out more. And no better proof to this, than the following 5 website examples from real photographers using our D’Avella design kit. Get inspired!

5 Sites Built with D'Avella
Max is our Product Development and Squarespace guru, with over 5 years of experience in the field. He loves working closely with clients, providing awesome customer support and turning stunning designs into real products.
Vlad has a background in wordpress development. He takes an active part in creating new solutions and strategies that enhance Flo and Squaremuse’s products and services and improve our clients’ experience with their site.
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